Our value
in organization and counseling

find out how to get faster and better performing the work according to technical solutions and professional rules. We are specialized in consulting in construction, organization, technical solutions and interior details, for all types of renovation and craft works. We cooperate with a network of specially selected manufacturers that enable us to offer a wide variety of bids in all areas of design, materials and installation.


Technical solutions

We have developed a service focused on technical segments based on our own knowledge and knowledge of our expert associates in the field of construction and solving details in construction. We are using this long-term experience in the field of developing technical solutions for systems under construction.

Obdura technical solutions are solutions that are thoroughly prepared and made in co-ordination with designers, suppliers of equipment and equipment installers.

We control and document the ways and segments of construction and assembly.


Consulting in construction

With shorter execution times, it's easy to get a look at the performance that often leads to a chaotic state. Because of this, it suffers from quality and on the other hand it explodes the costs. "CONSULTATIONS FOR CONSTRUCTION IS SOME SUCCESSFUL PROJECT. "We are following you throughout the project, we early notice the deficiencies, advise improvements, timely take appropriate countermeasures, and the success of the project depends on effective communication.

The purpose of conducting technical consultations of investors or supervising works for the investor is to ensure the realization of the conception of the building before and during the execution of the works, and to ensure the execution of works in accordance with the regulations in force.


Consulting services organized by all types of works

  • Analysis
  • Creating and Implementing Term Plans
  • Cost Control
  • Coordinator of the Contractor
  • Technical Consultation


Team management, quality and cost

  • Final Works
  • Detailing
  • Reconstruction